We have a very talented hard-working

 team of producers, writers, directors, and photographers. Hidden Temple can assist through any part of your production. From script writing, story boarding, casting talent/production hands, and location scouting. We tackle each film differently, and create a strategic plan to bring the visuals to life.

Throughout the production our team will work with fluidity. Focusing the on quality of the visuals, and strategically executing the vision set forth.

As a team we hold a vast range of editing and post-production services. From having an Emmy Award winning documentary editor to a talented motion effects artist. We work hard to bring the final vision together.


Growing up my mom would always bring home old cameras she would buy from her job at the local GoodWill store. I used these cameras to make what would become my first film. Time-lapses of my wrestling action figures. As I grew older I loved going to the movies with friends and family. Later on in life when I realized filmmaking was what I wanted to pursue, I met an operations manager for ABC10 TV. I was given the opportunity to work with the documentary unit there and went on to win 5 local Emmys for Director of Photography and Editing. I am now a Director, DP, and Editor for my company Hidden Temple. 


I first got interested in video production when I saw the behind the scene to Star Wars. It fascinated me to see how fantasized worlds can be brought to real life and the process of doing so intrigued me even more. Ever since then I knew I wanted to be part of the video production world. I didn't begin shooting and

creating videos until mid-way through high school, but once started, it felt completely right. The deeper I dove into filmmaking, the more passionate I became. From working with music artists to corporate companies, I bring a dynamic feel to our visuals, and try to keep things interesting by breaking the barriers.


Listening to hip hop music and watching music videos, I always wanted to create a music video myself. By the time I got in college, shooting a music video was checked off my bucket list and while that happened, I found myself diving into a deeper realm of the film world. I met more film geeks like myself and started exploring what their passion was in film in order to find what’s in it for me. From filming short films to commercials, I really enjoyed the learning process that is involved in creating the visuals. I have worked on various types of projects with Hidden Temple Films and am looking for more to work on.