Our Story

What’s our story?

Beginning our solo filmmaking careers with music video production, films, and documentaries, we all shared one thing in common, the love for filmmaking. We met and established Hidden Temple in 2017. Basically married, we mustered together a film production house and team that produces anything from documentaries, music videos, to commercial ads.


We operate in the San Francisco Bay Area, with our offices in Oakland and Sacramento. While we are based in California, our production work could take us anywhere in the world.


With our producer, Pedro Garcia, a 9x Emmy Award winner, bringing in the experience of documentary journalism, storytelling is more than just a keyword for us, it is at the core of everything we do. Crafting a message revolving around attention, empathy and human connection drives action.


Hidden Temple can help in all film production aspects; conceptualizing, writing, producing, directing, cinematography, lighting, audio, post, color, graphics, VFX and more. We also offer story development and brand/strategy consulting through our sister company Upper Cloud.


Pedro Garcia

Director of Photography/Producer

Kellen Lor

Producer/Camera Operator