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Youth Wellness Movement
(Feature Documentary, In Production)

Production Companies: Hidden Temple/UpperCloud

Executive Producers: Glenda Macatangay/Allison Tintiango-Cubales

Producers: Dan Jumanan/Johnny Neang

Producer/Consultant: Noris Rose Bentivegna

Writer/Director/DP: Pedro Garcia

Production Manager: Oxana Otrovsky

Producer/Assis. Writer: Gelli Pascual

Cam-Op: Kellen Lor

Additional Camera: Jeremy Bouie

Additional Camera: Rohan

Writer/Additional Camera: Kameron Torres

Lead Sound Operator/Mixer: Donovan Murphy

Additional Sound: Nidal Bukhari

Additional Sound: Ellie Bootorich

Additional Sound: Greg Robinson

Assistant Editor: Josue Alfaro

Behind the Scenes & Screengrabs

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